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Meet Teksta/Tekno, the robotic puppy who actually listens and understands you! He responds to your voice, sound, touch, and gestures. Command your puppy to walk, sit, cry, sing, and even do a back flip! Then pet him to reward him and he will happily pant. Download the Teksta/Tekno APP, you can program your puppy to do even more!


Listens to You

Understands your voice commands!

Gesture Control and Touch Sensitive 

Understands your hand gestures and happily pants when you pet him! 

Performs Tricks

Command your puppy to do a back flip!


Program Teksta/Tekno to do even more tricks!

Loves to Play

He loves to play with his favorite ball! Feed him his bone. He is a hungry puppy!


Expressive eyes and ears and head move!

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