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Meet the Puur-fect adorable Kitty! Teksta/Tekno Kitty walks, purrs and meows just like a real kitten. Like her puppy friend she responds to your voice, lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns to share her feelings. Using cutting edge hand gesture technology, command your kitty to walk and stop. Using her mouse accessory, train her to do tricks, she will sit and beg for her mouse and then watch her almighty pounce to catch the mouse. Teksta/Tekno Kitty includes over 100 play features and a mouse accessory. 


Touch and Sound Interaction

Call Teksta/Tekno or clap and she will start walking! Pet her on the head to reward her and he will happily purr! 

Gesture Control

Understands your hand gestures!  

Performs Tricks

Teach your kitty to do tricks with her mouse! Watch your kitty sit and beg for her mouse and even pounce to catch it!


Program Teksta/Tekno to do even more tricks!


Expressive eyes and ears and head move!

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