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In a world filled with chaos, these four robots have come to save the day. The epic battle has begun and it's time to pick a side. Worlds collide - which team are you on?

The epic battle has begun, and four robots have come up to save the day: Gunny from the trenches of the jungle, Brutal from the sand blasted desert, Deep Dive from the depths of the sea, and Lawman from the snow capped glaciers.


Code Name: GUNNY

Ultra Machine Fighter

This jungle robot comes from mysterious trenches of undiscovered terrain. His animalistic instincts mean he can hang and swing from trees, and can battle from great heights.

Code Name: BRUTAL

Mobile Canon Robot

This desert robot fuels up from the sun and brings the heat to every battle. The sand blasted desert is his playground.


Code Name: DEEP DIVE

All Terrain Commando

This underwater robot makes waves and comes from the darkest depths of the ocean. His punch sends ripples throughout the water. He is the ultimate deep water hydro defender.

Code Name: LAWMAN

Military Police

This winter warrior hails from the icy glaciers of the arctic circle. Avalanches, blizzards or snow capped mountains are his ideal battlegrounds.


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